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We Take Care of Your Golf Clubs

Every customer at Golf Training Center in Covington, Georgia, feels like a VIP when golfing at our range. We take care of your equipment as if it was our own. Our company offers customized fittings and repairs for your clubs.

A Golf Club and Ball

Personalize Your Clubs

Getting the best clubs for your body and form when playing this sport can mean a world of difference when you play. When a club is fitted to your specifications, it will swing like a dream. Our team looks at a variety of factors for customized clubs.

During these fittings, we determine the size of your club's shaft based off your height. People that are taller experience a harder time with clubs because they do not have the ability to choke-up on the grip. If this is your case, then you will receive clubs with a longer shaft.

We also look at your form when you are swinging your clubs. How fast you swing, as well as what tempo you swing at, can tell us a lot about what size clubs you require. Through these two measurements, we will be able to make customized golf clubs.

Club Repair for Any Damages

Come to our shop if you have a broken or damaged club. We are able to apply new grips to your club, re-shaft your clubs, and adjust them to fit your needs. The shaft of your clubs can become bent when hitting balls close to obstacles such as trees. After years of use, rust or breakage can also occur. We are able to repair all of these issues as they arise.

Small adjustments are a quick and easy fix for our team. We understand that your needs for your clubs lie and loft could be different from what we have available in store. Through evaluation of your swing, we will be able to create the perfect clubs for you.